The alternative Lightbox build on MooTools 1.4


CeraBox is the alternative Lightbox build on MooTools 1.4, inspired by
Requires MooTools 1.4.* + MooTools more Assets Download package here or go to

CeraBox is a JavaScript plugin used to display larger images (or other objects) without leaving the page using modal dialogs. The CeraBox is triggered by clicking a standard anchor tag. When JavaScript is disabled the objects will still be opened, but without the Cerabox effect.

Feel free to leave comments @Ceramedia.


  • Display images
  • Group images into sets
  • Display iframes
  • Display various Video objects
  • Display Flash
  • Fetch content via Ajax

Mobile view support

When CeraBox is opened on a mobile device it (by default) renders a scaled and more appropriate window. You can see the different views on the screenshots below, or take out your tablet/smartphone and try it yourself. It's tested and optimized for iOS 4/5 and Andriod 3.

Download CeraBox 1.3.8
Version: 1.3.8

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